1. What is a Red Packet?

A Red Packet is an innovative gift box concept. Each themed gift box offers around 8 lifestyle experiences, from which your recipient can choose their favourite option. With experiences ranging from Wellness to Gastronomy, Sports to Entertainment, there is something for everyone. There are currently 4 different Red Packet gifts, click here to see the full collection

2. How do I buy it?

Red Packet Gifts are exclusively available online on our website.

3. How do I redeem it?

Generally, you will need to make reservations a minimum 72 hours prior to your desired booking time by calling the chosen Experience Partner directly. Further details can be found in your experience gift pack.

4. How much is it?

Prices currently range from HK$100 - HK$799. For further details, click here to see the full collection.

5. What type of Red Packet experiences can I choose from?

There are 4 Red Packet Gifts available for 2020-21 Collection: Delights, Lifestyle Rewards, For Her and For Him. 

Within each gift package, there is a range of exclusive experiences that the recipient can choose from, such as pampering spa treatments, gourmet foods, wine tasting sessions, fitness sessions and many more!

6. Does a Red Packet Gift expire?

All 2020-21 collection Red Packet gifts have an expiry date of 31 December 2021. To confirm the validity period of your Red Packet gift, please check the back of your gift card or the top of your e-voucher.

7. Can the validity of a Red Packet or an e-voucher be extended?

No, we cannot extend the validity of a Red Packet Gift Card or an E-voucher.

8. What happens if I lose my Gift Card?

Please safeguard your Gift Card as it is not replaceable if lost or stolen. The bearer is responsible for its loss or theft.

9. What if I’ve arranged my experience, but something comes up and I can’t go?

If for any reason you cannot make it to the experience you’ve reserved, contact your selected Experience Partner to rearrange your experience as soon as possible. Please check the individual experience on our website or in the booklet to view the specific timeframe for cancellations and re-bookings.

10. Who is liable for the activities?

Whilst Red Packet has carefully selected experienced and reputable Experience Partners, we are a disclosed agent, and cannot be liable for any incidents or accidents that take place at the suppliers’ venues.

11. Are there any additional costs to the Red Packet?

Red Packet Gifts are prepaid and there are no additional costs to the experience itself unless otherwise specified.

12. What are Online Offers?

Online offers are the additional offers for you to choose from in an addition to the offers in the print booklet that you have received. Your Red Packet Card can be used to redeem any offers that are listed on the gift collection page at Red Packet website.

13. Are there any terms and conditions of use?

Terms and conditions apply to the purchase of a Red Packet, as listed inside the box and here

14. How will my Red Packet be delivered to me, and how long will it take?

Your Red Packet Gift will be delivered to you or the gift recipient by courier or standard delivery. Orders placed by 3pm Monday to Friday will arrive according to the schedule below. 

Gift Delivery Method Delivery Time

For Him

For Her

SF Express;  or

HK Post Local Courier Post

Next working day


Lifestyle Rewards

HK Post Standard Delivery Within 2 working days

For orders placed on weekends, public holidays and for delivery to outlying islands, please allow an additional 24 hours for delivery. Deliveries can be made to all areas of Hong Kong and is free of charge. 

15. Do you offer E-voucher Delivery? 
Yes, we do, but it is currently only available for corporate accounts.  Please contact us on +852 2882 4881 or for more information.

16. Why have all my items disappeared from the shopping cart?

If you have switched languages throughout your online shopping process, your shopping cart will be reset. To complete your online purchase, first select your preferred language, add your selected items to cart and go through the the entire process in your preferred language. For any other technical issues, please contact us on +852 2882 4881 or and our customer service team would be happy to assist you.