Red Packet

My wife was thrilled with her Red Packet Gift, and booked her experience the very next day!

“I have never been good at picking out gifts, so Red Packet was perfect. I was finally able to give my friend something truly memorable!”

Cheryl Turner

“Getting a gift for a client always presents a bit of a headache. You don’t want to be too personal,or too impersonal, so Red Packet was ideal! I don’t have to worry about them not liking it as they can choose the experience themselves, and it’s certainly a gift they will remember.”

Anabell Li

“Red Packet quite likely saved my neck when I realised that I didn’t get around to getting my mum a birthday present. After I browsed through the site, it was clear that it was a wonderful gift idea, and I’m just so glad I got her something she really enjoyed even though it was totally last minute!”

James Fontanelli
“I was blown away by the level of client service when I wanted to send a gift to my friend in Hong Kong but the PayPal website was down. When the concierge team said they would transfer my call to someone who would help I expected the worst. Instead Gerard the owner was on the line, sending my gift on trust while we sorted out the payment method another day. Faultless client service and a brilliant gift idea. Gerard, thanks to you and the team once again!”
Tony Jasper

"Red Packet stands out from the crows as being responsive, efficient, with deep knowledge about creating unique experience."

Mr. Lawrence Tse - Chief Marketing Officer, Allianz Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited

"I ordered Red Packets for my entire former team as thank you gifts when I was promoted to a new position within the Group. The Red Packet gift is substantial and unique - something that recipients actually used and enjoyed - without being overly persona. In other words, it is a perfect corporate gift. The feedback from the team was very positive."

Jacob A. Fisch - Director of Corporate Development (M&A), Li & Fung Group

"I was looking for something original to reward my employees with a Red Packet proved to be the perfect choice, offering a diverse choice of experiences, elegant packaging and great service. I would strongly recommend Red Packet to anyone, it is indeed the Perfect Corporate Gift!"

Teresa Wong - Vice Persident, Centaline Financial Services Limited

"The Red Packet Concierge Team went out of its way to accommodate my request successfully, putting to the test the service and quality of Red Packet. I would warmly recommend Red Packet to anyone in search of the perfect gift!"

Rodrigo Manrique - BBVA Hong Kong
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